Automatically Send Customized Emails To Your Subscribers

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Give personalized emails automatically to your subscribers, followers, and fans. Automatically Send Customized Emails To Your Subscribers. Okay, so for your blog, YouTube channel, or podcast, you’ve created excellent content and have built a solid following. How do you turn your fans and subscribers into clients and keep them up-to-date on news and ventures that are exciting?

SendFox is an email marketing platform that-

allows you to write and send unlimited custom emails, specifically developed for content creators.

  • Give your contacts unrestricted scheduled and automatic e-mails
  • Develop customized, branded newsletters, landing pages, and embedded forms
  • Integrate with hundreds of, King Sumo, Zapier, API, and more of your favorite software.
  • Best for: content creators who want to turn followers into clients, such as writers, podcasters, and vloggers

SendFox is an email marketing platform that-

allows  to write and send unlimited custom emails, specifically developed for content creators. Particularly for content creators without a big company’s budget, email marketing is costly (It’s an email, what could it cost, $10? -Lucille Bluth). You can build, schedule, and automate unlimited personalized emails with SendFox, without breaking the bank. SendFox takes a particular approach to product functionality, especially for content creators (see: SendFox is not AWeber, Mailchim .

To help you create quick, beautiful, and powerful emails in less time, SendFox combines automation and customization. SendFox’s optimized weekly Smart Campaigns and RSS content notifications automatically draft emails, so your fans can get your best content straight into their inbox.

This feature is perfect for podcasters, bloggers and YouTubers who release new content on a regular basis and support you Stay satisfied with eager followers.  brand as a content creator is *everything*.To make sure that you’re still #onbrand, use the quick WSYWIG editor to       customize the font, colors, formatting and links in emails. Automatically Send Customized Emails To Your Subscribers

Don’t  have a complete strategy for email marketing (or a plan at all)? No trouble.

To promote your social bios or email signature, build custom, branded Smart Pages and landing pages.

(rate, check, and subscribe!) Get your name and content out there.
Smart Pages highlight your best YouTube, podcast, social media, and more content, making it insane to see all your content in one location for followers.

Have you had a subscriber base already?

Easily import and start developing and sending emails in minutes with your list of current contacts and subscribers to SendFox. Using SendFox to convert followers and customers into loyal fans. Using automation models once you have email subscribers to create an automated welcome email program to push individuals to common content and drive subscriptions to your channels.  if you want to submit a series of emails based on clicks and openings! With built-in scheduling and automation from SendFox Functions, just set it up and let it go.

Get SendFox access today!!!

build great content, let the rest be handled by SendFox.

SendFox is specifically developed for content creators and allows to cover all the main marketing bases, from forms and CRM to email campaigns and integrations. To develop company and easily monitor performance all in one easy-to-use platform, create quick, branded emails and landing pages.

Automatically Send Customized Emails To Your Subscribers

Simple and deliverable Make Emails-

SendFox is easy, and that is a positive thing. They know what they’re doing and they’re doing it very well. Automatically Send Customized Emails To Your Subscribers.


They’re really going to launch! Shot up Open pace.
Super simple to use
Integrates with almost everything through Zapier
Automation is available.
Cost pay once a day.

It’s a steal, forget about the mailchimp-

This program is strong and you really just need the 1 code on the empire update with the given discount. Eventually, you’re probably going to want that, so it’s worth opting in on the lifetime contract now to get the added benefits of the appsumo deal. Superb deal from the developers here. I think this is also a partnered company with AppSumo, I see in the footer the connection to SendFox.

The app looks cool, quick to install, cool…

I wanted to use this app as my solution for email marketing for my Shopify e-commerce store. I’m so over, it’s overly costly to pay for applications that don’t get the job done, and most importantly, individuals that sign up for emails yet never open them – I figured SendFox would be my deal – it’s not. SendFox is not specifically integrated with Shopify since we concentrate on content Creators and not really e-commerce websites, so you need to integrate with or use API endpoints with the Zapier App! Additionally, our forms can be integrated using POST HTML codes.

Simple to use, but some features in my option are missing-

Though SendFox is simple to use, I believe there are some features that I think are a must and that are missing. Just like:

1. For the email headline, spam checker

2. Split Evaluation Test

3. A clear declaration if. If an individual opens an email, send the individual to another automation manager

4. Have a more sophisticated dashboard for analytics.

It’s for content creators, but today it’s a must to have these features. Every day, email systems are getting more advanced. SendFox may be a bit more advanced for that purpose.

 On Trustpilot, Harman Singh-

Sendfox=great. Sendfox allowed me to start my blog based on email and provided me with effective tips on how to promote it. My newsletter is boomin ‘.

On websam-

For a lot of people, the great cure-

On the fence about getting SendFox, really. I have other items that I normally use, but because of one component failing, and the influx of features that I don’t really use or need, they began to bug me. So put a crack on SendFox. many of love the sivmplicity of it. For some individuals, it may be too easy. Except for individuals only getting into having an email list, SendFox sounds like a brilliant solution. You really should try it out in accordance with the price and see if it suits your needs.

I like how you can use it with different brands or addresses, for people with a lot of small projects on the go, like me, super convenient. I hope they continue to build on it, as there are still places for growth, but I like that it sticks to its core belief.

A couple of things that I would like to see in the future are:

– Need to enhance image organization, maybe folders or filters
– I would like it if we could insert our “from” email addresses anywhere, so when writing a single email address, we could just select them from a drop-down list.
– I know this has been addressed before, but I would like to be able to opt for emails per domain separately.

Simple and Efficient-

A basic email tool with a clean interface that does exactly what it is intended to do. In less than 10 minutes, I set up a campaign and sent out an e-mail blast. The only problem is that the emails end in the gmail promotions folder. We would love to know how to stop this. As always, Appsumo delivered a great deal through sendfox. I am extremely pleased and invite you to sum up.

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