Cinema Advertising Effective

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Cinema Advertising Effective

Cinema Advertising Effective YES!-YES! The efficacy of cinema advertisement is totally out of the question because cinema advertisement reaches the audience which is fixed to one spot, is in receptive communication mode and is free of all other interruption. Advertising for cinema is a boon to any brand, because:

Silent environment: the fact that speaking while the big screen is on is indecent makes the public more attentive to communication.

Cinema Advertising Effective

Big screen: Any ad playing on a large screen is sure to create image and memory that will remain with the audience for a long time to come.

Advantages of cinema advertising

Cinema provides larger-than-the-life audio visual display
Cinema is equipped with world-class sound system
Cinema provides a captive target audience to brand
Cinema advertising mixed with TV campaigns are more effective
Adding cinema into media plan increases effective reach
Media planners can target TV ad avoiders in cinemas
Marketers eliminate media-spend wastage by localized advertising in cinema
Cinema provides young demographic
Pin-code specific advertising is possible in cinemas
Cinema is the most uncluttered medium to advertise
Cinema is the only advertising medium which provides on-screen advertising, branding, sampling, innovative advertising & activations at every location spread across India.
Cinema advertising is very cost effective in long term investment
Cinema advertising increases brand & message recall very effectively
Cinema is used by marketers for Hyper local advertising
Cinema advertising is the best alternative to plain Jane advertising
Cost per effective contact is best with cinema advertising

Week Rate / 10Sec

1Week [Animation Advertisement] 2999/-

1Month[4Week] 6999/-

3Month [12 Week] [Monthly 4199/-] 14999/-

6 Month [24 Week] [Monthly 2777/-] 24999/-

1 Year[48 Week] [Monthly 2499/-][4Week Free] 34999/-

Aarohi Miniplex (Parbhani)
Abhinay Cinema (Aurangabad) Audi No 2
Abhineet Cinema (Aurangabad) Audi No 1
Abhiruchi City Pride Audi No 7 (Pune)
Adarsh Chitra Mandir (Bhandra)
Alankar Chitra (Shirpur)
Alankar Cinema (Nagpur)
Alankar Cinema (Pune)
Alankar Talkies (Vaduj)
Alka Cinema (Pune)
Amar Chitra Mandir (Nandurbar)
Amar Talkies (Miraj)
Anand Chitra Mandir (Sangli)
Anand Cinema (Khed)
Apollo Theatre
Apsara Cinema (Yavatmal)
ARD Cinemall Audi – 1 (Buldana)
ARD Cinemall Audi – 2 (Buldana)
Asha Talkies (Barshi)
Asha Talkies (Chopda)
Asha Talkies (Nandura).
Asha Talkies(Ahmad Nagar) Audi No 1
Asha Talkies(Ahmad Nagar) Audi No 2
Ashirwad Cinema – (Nagpur)
Ashish Cinema (Nira)
Ashish Theatre (Otur)
Ashok Chitramandir
Ashok Talkies (Sindhkheda).
Ayodhya Chitra Mandir
Azad Cinema (Shirwal)
Balaji Chitra Mandir (Akkalkot)
Barkha Theatre (Yavatmal)
Bhagwat Chitra Mandir (Lonar)
Bhagwat Chitra Mandir (Solapur)
Bhagwat Uma Mandir (Solapur)
Bhai Bhai Theatre (Kolhapur)
Bharat Cinema (Mangalveda)
Bharat E-Square (Nanded) Audi-1
Bharat E-Square (Nanded) Audi-2
Bharat E-Square (Nanded) Audi-3
Bharat E-Square (Nanded) Audi-4
Central Talkies (Malegaon, Nashik)
Chitra Cinema (Satana)
Chitralaya Cinema
City Pride “R” Deccan (Pune) Audi No 1
City Pride “R” Deccan (Pune) Audi No 2
City Pride Audi No 1 (Kothrud)
City Pride Audi No 2 (Kothrud)
City Pride Audi No 3 (Kothrud)
City Pride Audi No 4 (Kothrud)
City Pride Audi No 4 (Satara Rd)
City Pride Satara Audi No 1
City Pride Satara Audi No 2
City Pride Satara Audi No 3
City Pride Scrn 1 (Phaltan) Audi No 1
Damodar Cinema (Bhadrakali)
Deepak Chitra Mandir (Malegaon)
Deepak Talkies (Shendurni)
Deval Cinema (Miraj)
Dhanshree Cinema (Yawal)
Dnyaneshwar Chitra Mandir
Durga Chitra Mandir – Audi 1 (Baramati)
Durga Chitra Mandir – Audi 2 (Baramati)
Durga Chitra Mandir – Audi 3 (Baramati)
E-Orbit Multiplexes Screen 2 (Amravati)
E-Orbit Multiplexes Screen 3 (Amravati)
E-Orbit Multiplexes Scrn 1 (Amravati)
E-Square (Yavatmal) Audi-1
E-Square (Yavatmal) Audi-2
E-Square (Yavatmal) Audi-3
E-Square Anusaya Chitra Mandir Screen 1 (Parbhani)
E-Square Anusaya Chitra Mandir Screen 2 (Parbhani)
E-Square Yashoda chitra Mandir Screen 1 (Latur)
E-Square Yashoda chitra Mandir Screen 2 (Latur)
Gajanan Talkies (Malkapur)
Gajanan Talkies (Risod)
Ganesh Talkies (pauni)
Gangadhar Chitra Mandir
Geetanjali Chitra Mandir (Deoulgaon Raja)
Gentyal Chitra Mandir (Sholapur)
Gold Digital Screen 1 (Khopoli)
Gold Digital Screen 2 (Khopoli)
Gopal Talkies (Chikhli).
Gopal Talkies (Telhara)
Gopal Talkies (Washim)
Govind Talkies (Ghatanji)
Govind Talkies (Kandli, Paratwada)
Goyal (Kamptee)
Hans Chitra Mandir (Chalisgaon)
Hari Talkies (Amravati)
Harishchandra Touring Talkies (Pune)
Heera Chitramandir (Gargoti)
Hira Chitra Mandir (Hupri)
Indrayani Chitramandir (Hiwarkhed)
IWDL – Ambika Cinema (Sangli)
IWDL – Apsara Cinema (Shankarshet)
IWDL – Ashok Cinema (shrirampur)
IWDL – Daulat Chitra Mandir (Koregaon)
IWDL – Dhanraj Theatre (Nanded)
IWDL – Fun Square (Pathardi)
IWDL – Fun Square Scrn 1 (Lavasa)
IWDL – Fun Square Scrn 2 (Lavasa)
IWDL – Ganesh Chitra Mandir (Kirloskarwadi)
IWDL – Ganesh Talkies (Nanded)
IWDL – Jayshree Talkies (Chinchward)
IWDL – Jyoti Video Cinema (Nanded)
IWDL – Khushi Cinema (Aurangabad)
IWDL – Laxmi Talkies (Latur)
IWDL – Mankeshwar Chitramandir Scrn 1 (Islampur)
IWDL – Mankeshwar Chitramandir Scrn 2 (Islampur)
IWDL – Manohar Talkies (Nanded)
IWDL – Maratha Chitra Mandir (Gadiglaj)
IWDL – New Kohinoor Cinema (Umri)
IWDL – New Paras Cinema (Valuj)
IWDL – Padma Cinema (Solapur)
IWDL – Pooja Cinema (Chiplun)
IWDL – Renuka Talkies (Jintur)
IWDL – Sagar Cinema (Pathri)
IWDL – Sahu Chitra Mandir (Kolhapur)
IWDL – Sangam Cinema (Waluj)
IWDL – Shivam Plaza Theatre (Maliwada)
IWDL – Shri Ganesh Cinema (Daund)
IWDL – Shri Rajaram Chitra Mandir (Wadgaon)
IWDL – Suvidha Talkies (Ranjangaon)
IWDL – Tirupati Balaji Video Cinema (Naygaon)
IWDL – Urmila (Kolhapur)
IWDL – Vidya Cinema (Bhosri)
Jagruti Chitra Mandir (Udgir)
Jaihind Chitramandir (Murgud)
Janki Cinema (Tembhurni)
Janki Talkies (Nagpur)
Jawahar Theater (Tulajpur)
Jayant Talkies (Chandrapur)
Jyoti Chitra Mandir (Dhule)
Kalpana Chitramandir (Udgir)
Kalpana Talkies (Solapur)
Kamal Talkies (Nagpur)
Kamal Talkies Savda.
Kamaldeep Cinema (Dyane)
Kedar Talkies (Warud)
Keshar Chitra Mandir (Indapur)
Kibe Laxmi Theater (Pune)
Kishor Chitra Mahal (Shrirampur)
Kranti Talkies (Pulgaon)
Krishna Talkies (Budhwar Peth)
Krishna Talkies (Nagpur)
Laxmi Cineplex Screen 1 (Narayangaon)
Laxmi Cineplex Screen 2 (Narayangaon)
Laxmi Picture Palace (Shrirampur)
Laxmi Talkies – Screen 1 (Kanakavali)
Laxmi Talkies – Screen 2 (Kanakavali)
Laxmi Talkies (Nagpur)
Laxmi Talkies (Vani)
Laxmi Theatre (Nandgaon)
Laxminarayan Cinema Scrn 2 (Solapur)
Liberty Cinema – Nagpur
M/S Arun Talkies (Pune)
M/s Oasis E-Square Screen 1 (Solapur)
M/s Oasis E-Square Screen 2 (Solapur)
M/s Oasis E-Square Screen 3 (Solapur)
Mahesh Chitra Mandir (Alibaug)
Mahesh Chitra Mandir (Brahma)
Mahesh Mandir (Ahmednagar)
Mamta Chitra Mandir (Mohol)
Mangla Cinema Audi No 1 (Pune)
Mangla Cinema Audi No 2 (Pune)
Mangla Cinema Audi No 3 (Pune)
Mangla Cinema Audi No 4 (Pune)
Mankarnika Theatre (Lasalgaon)
Manoranjan Chitr Mandir (Shahda)
Meenaxi Chitra Mandir (Selu)
Metro Cinema (Jalgaon)
Minakshi Chitramandir (Palus)
Mohan Talkies (Katol)
Mohan Theatre (Nashik)
Mukta A2 Cinemas Screen 1(Sangli)
Mukta A2 Cinemas Screen 2 (Sangli)
Mukta A2 Cinemas Screen 3 (Sangli)
Mukta A2 Cinemas Screen 4 (Sangli).
Mukta A2 Nupur Cinetorium (Aurangabad) Audi 1
Mukta A2 Nupur Cinetorium (Aurangabad) Audi 2
My Cinema (E Square) Audi 1 – 2k
My Cinema (E Square) Audi 2 – 2k
My Cinema (E Square) Audi 3 – 2k
Nath Ganga Theatre (Rahata)
Nath Ganga Theatre (Rahata) Audi No 2
Natraj Talkies (Dharmabad)
Navnath Cinema (Baramati)
New Regal Talkies (Akola)
New Sadanand Talkies (Risod)
New Vikram Talkies (Jaisinghpur)
Nirmal Theatre
Om Chitra Mandir
Om Talkies(Pandharkawda)
Padma Cinema (Kolhapur) (2K)
Panchwati Chitramandir (Ichalkaranji) 2K
Pandurang Talkies (Bhusawal)
Platinum Theater (Junner)
Plaza Video Center (Chiplun)
Prabhakar Talkies (Dhule)
Prabhat Talkies – Audi 1 (Karad)
Prabhat Talkies – Audi 2 (Karad).
Prabhat Talkies (Akalkot)
Prabhat Talkies (Gondiya)
Prabhat Talkies (Kolhapur)
Prabhat Talkies (Rahimatpur)
Prabhat Talkies (Solapur)
Prabhat Talkies (Yavatmal)
Prakash Talkies (Pachora)
Prasad Cinema (Khanapur)
Pratap Cinema (Sangli)
Pratap Talkies (Sinnar)
Pratik Cinema (Jat)
Radhakrishna Chitramandir (Ichalkaranji) 2k
Radhakrishna Talkies (Ratnagiri)
Rahul Cinema (Indarapur)
Raj Chitra Mandir (Chalisgaon)
Raj Talkies (Saoner)
Rajkala Mandir (Chandrapur)
Rajkamal Talkies (Jalgaon)
Rajkumar Talkies Pusad
Rajlaxmi Chitra Mandir (Shringartali)
Rajlaxmi Theatre (Lonand,Satara)
Ramakrishna Talkies (Kannad)
Ratan Cinema (Pune)
Regent Cinema (Nagpur)
Roshan Talkies (Vairag)
Royal Talkies (Kolhapur)
Sadiya Cinema (Aurangabad)
Sagar Chitra Mandir (Karamala)
Sai Star Cinema (Khed)
Samarth (Satara)
Samarth Cinema (Bhilodi)
Samarth Cinema (Sangli) Audi No 1
Santosh Chitra Mandir (Deulgaon Raja)
Santoshimata Chitra Mandir (Beed) (2K) Audi No 1
Santoshimata Chitra Mandir (Beed) (2K) Audi No 2
Sapna Theatre (Chandrapur)
Saraswati Chitra Mandir (Kolhapur)
Saroj Talkies (yavatmal)
Satyam Cinemax Touring Talkies (Warora)
Satyam Mini Theatre (Rajguru Nagar)
Satyavijay Talkies (Akot)
Shalimar Theater
Shalimar Theatre (Jalgaon)
Shankar Talkies (Digras)
Shashimohan Talkies (Mangrul Pir)
Shevanta Theater (Junner)
Shiv Parvati Chitra Mandir (Islampur)
Shiv Parvati Cinema Hall (Sangola)
Shiv Shankar Chitra Mndir (palus)
Shree Gajanan Chitra Mandir (Shegaon)
Shree Gajanan Talkies (Khamgaon)
Shree Ganesh Chitra Mandir (Gandhinagar)
Shree Ganesh Talkies (Kurudwadi)
Shree Krishna Talkies Yeola (Nashik)
Shree Natwar Multiplex – (Jalgaon) Audi No 3
Shree Natwar Multiplex – Scrn 1 (Jalgaon)
Shree Natwar Multiplex – Scrn 2 (Jalgaon)
Shree Ram Talkies (Ratnagiri)
Shree Talkies (Lonar)
Shree Talkies (Pauni)
Shri Balaji T.Talkies (Jalgaon)
Shri Ganesh T Talkies (Ralegaon)
Shri Hanuman Talkies (Malkapur)
Shri Laxmi Talkies (Hinganghat)
Shri Shivaji Talkies (Talegoan)
Shriram Talkies (Faizpur)
Shriram Talkies (washim)
Shubham Chitrmandir (Satara)
Shyam (Parathwada)
Shyam Talkies (Buldhana)
Siddhanath Chitra Mandir (Aatapadi)
Sidheshwar Talkies (Savlaj)
Smruti Cinema (Nagpur)
Snehal Talkies (Tirora)
Srinivas Chitra Mandir (Sholapur.)
State Talkies (Shahgunj)
Subhash Chitramandir (Gadingalaj)
Subhash Cinema (Malegaon)
Subhash Talkies
Sudama Theatre – Nagpur
Sudarshan Chitra Mandir (Jalgaon)
Sudesh Picture Palace (Kpergoan)
Swaroop Cinema (Sangli) Audi No 1
Tajmahal Talkies (Osmanabad)
Tamboli Cinema (Amalner)
Tara Chitra Mandir Scr 1 (Baramati)
Tiruptai Talkies (Arvi)
Trimurti Chitra Mandir (Sonai)
Trimurti Cinema (Sangola)
Triose Plaza (Independent) Lonavala
Triose Private Ltd Screen 1 (Lonavala)
Triose Private Ltd Screen 2 (Lonavala)
Uday Talkies (Akola)
Uma Chitra Mandir (Kolhapur)
Upadhyay Cineplex (Murtizapur)
Upkar Cinema (Malegaon)
Vaibhav Chitra Mandir – Scrn 2 (Hadapsar)
Vaibhav Chitra Mandir (Hadapsar) – Screen 1
Vaibhav Natya Chitra Mandir (Malegaon)
Vaishnavi Talkies (Shirajgaon Band)
Vasant Chitra Mandir (Kadoli)
Vasant Talkies (Pune)
Venktesh Talkies (Anjavgaon-Surji)
Victory Theatre (Pune)
Vijay Anand Cinema (Nashik)
Vijay Cinema Mandir (Pune)
Vijayshri Chitra Mandir (Malegaon)
Vikas Theatre, Manchar
Vinay Talkies (Umred)
Viresh Picture Palace (Rahata)
Vishakha Talkies (Amravati)
Vita Madhav Picture Palace (Ahmednagar)
Yashodeep Theatre (Sangamner)
Zele Chitra Mandir (Hathklangle)