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WordPress Portal


Extended access to this offer is available for limited periods Exclusively Available For App Sumo Plus Members . You can enter now and buy this offer until Extended Access expires on December 24th, if you are not an App Sumo Plus member that is word press portal. It’s tough to keep it all together sometimes. services and applications are piling up in a daunting stack between managing your programs, accounting, and monitoring the success of your business. But what if you’re going to click in just a couple.


Manage projects, delegate tasks, create achievements, exchange files and events, and track company performance Alternative to: Client Portal for WordPress. Give your customers estimates and invoices and get paid online .

Best for: project managers, finance departments and small teams looking to simplify their regular procedures in one place. In one simple-to-use WordPress plugin, the WordPress Portal integrates project management and accounting tools.


WordPress Portal gives you access to an integrated interface that can be enabled with just a few clicks and makes it more productive to run your business.  Choose which customers or contacts should be invited to the portal and which contacts should be left out. (You’re in, Nancy. Steve, next quarter, maybe.) You can add as many clients and contacts as you want through the WordPress Portal. When you create a project, you can give access to the project to your preferred client and team members to collaborate and manage the project. You could have hundreds of quarantine projects half-finished . Fortunately, when it comes to your business, the project list of the WordPress Portal gives you a birds eye view of all current projects and their progress status, so that you never miss a beat. With hands-off task management, you’ll be able to take the project organization one step further.

Wordpress Portal

Assign assignments, monitor which ones are in progress, see which ones are completed, review them, and mark them as complete. Want to see where your time is being spent? To monitor the time you and your team members take to work on specific tasks, use the time tracking feature. It measures the total hours and costs automatically, so you can monitor your team’s productivity. Best of all, the WordPress Platform provides technical and financial reports, so you can track and monitor the success of your company. The advanced accounting program allows you to produce and submit invoices to customers for particular projects.

The deal started,  and the deal was sweetened and it became better when he came with an unlimited plan only to fall down by breaking down all the charm when it was removed without a warning notice. confusion is because  the drilling concerns of  clouded the deal maker and this deal maker goes through a lot it looks like.


Plans and Functionalities-
Terms of Deals

  • Lifetime access to the Business Strategy WordPress Site
  • Within 60 days after purchase, you must redeem your code(s)
  • All future updates to the Business Plan
  • Stack up to five codes
  • Compliant with GDPR (partner verified)
  • For new users of WordPress Platform who do not have existing accounts, only
  • No matter the cause, the 60-day money-back guarantee


Features of All Proposals Included-

  1. Unlimited members of a squad
  2. Unlimited customers & visitors
  3. Limitless active ventures


    Quick & Excellent Tool

    A very useful tool to take care of clients, budgets, fees, etc. Highly suggested at an excellent price to simplify the procedures. Has very good treatment and support in the criteria presented. It is a highly recommended method. Quite strong price quality partnership.

    The Outstanding Tool

    it’s a steal at that price , On a new WP page and after going through it, This instrument has it all.  From price quotation to billing, it has everything you need. I had to contact help because I didn’t read the user manual. I got a swift response from highly trained support employees, and my problem was solved in no time.  It fits the requirements, Highly helpful business conduct. It’s not just a customer portal, it’s a single dashboard for managing your business. Thanks for the piece. A flawless solution!

    A great add-on to the WordPress Portal

    The WordPress Site is fresh and has been rising for a long time. In order to get a better understanding of how this product will turn out, it will be very interesting to see how Ahmed and the team continue to develop the product over the next 60 days. So far, I’ve been playing around in the portal and ran into a few bugs that Ahmed was  sensitive to as well and offered solutions that worked. Let’s just assume that his product is known to him.  to base the portal on WordPress, The product is fantastic and  a many app includes talk, lift a ticket, get the answer.

Manage the initiative

Using the WordPress Portal to conveniently manage your designs. Offer your team access, delegate assignments, open conversations, file uploads, and set milestones.

Get Finished Tasks

Assign duties to a single member of the team and set the due date for this assignment. For every single task you do,  also open up a conversation. The Tasks Board allows you to grasp at a glance the status of all project tasks.

Uploading & Sharing Files

Share project files locally on your server or in the cloud with your team.

Sumo-lings Trusted By

Word Press Packs are honored to be featured on the App Sumo marketplace on the WordPress Portal and get their confidence and aspirations from Sumo-lings.

Your Time Track

Based on project and task selection, the WordPress Portal tracker will allow you and your team to monitor your time. The project will be applied to All-Time Tracked and you will create a time sheet for a particular date period for the tracked time.

Sending Invoices

Build and give the customers on the go with invoices. Invoices may be allocated to particular invoices. word press Packs for their Excellent assistance and competent customer support to begin with. You always get a very thorough answer to any questions you ask and they do everything to solve any support issue. This item is a wonderful buy with tremendous potential. It is simple to build staff and clients, submit estimates and invoices, create and distribute easily controlled projects integration.


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