Videolinq Powerful Video Streaming Application

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Videolinq is a powerful video streaming application that enables to broadcast live content to multiple websites and social media channels. With one channel, more streams, more views and more scope. More Streams, More Views, More Reach. Just waiting to go online, you have great video material. (All the time spent on YouTube watching dance videos has really paid off.)

What don’t have is the bandwidth or the budget to simultaneously broadcast your artistic masterpieces to many channels. Videolinq powerful video streaming application If only there was a way on each social platform to live stream, at the same time, to expand your audience.

Videolinq Powerful Video Streaming Application

  • Stream live footage, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, to 20+ platforms
  • Alternative to: Switchboard and Castr
  • Collect data and interaction metrics from live audiences, build HTML5 players, and monetize content
  • Best for: social media agencies, broadcasters, and influencers with simultaneous live broadcasts aiming to reach a wider audience.

Videolinq is a powerful video streaming tool that allows you to broadcast live content to multiple social media platforms and websites.


  1. With Videolinq, simultaneously providing engaging live content to various media networks and blogs has never been easier.
  2. Connect to a webcam or hardware/software media encoder to get started, choose your destinations (yes, plural), and hit Go Live!
  3. You can broadcast to up to 25 social media sites and online video service providers with multi-streaming capabilities.
  4. Get insights on your results after the watch party and monitor viewer interaction across all platform.

A new way to deliver live video to multiple social media platforms!

You can live-stream to over 20 channels at once with Videolinq, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. To support real-time closed captioning on your live images, Videolinq integrates with 1CapApp technology. Adding subtitles makes your videos more available to a wider audience and allows audiences to better understand your content. We call this a win-win.

Build limitless streaming channels right on the media dashboard with various outlets and destinations. It is able to start a stream from a webcam, RTMP encoder, or source URL wherever your content lives. Plus, for optimum convenience, Videolinq integrates with top streaming apps, including AJA Video Systems, Telestream and Teradek. Videolinq also allows you to create an infinite number of HTML5 players on any website or blog and embed them.


All operating systems, browsers and mobile devices are compatible with the completely customizable HTML5 Sensitive Player. You can monetize your content with ads from third-party platforms like Google Ad Manager once its done.

Videolinq’s Scheduler tool helps to-

to go live even when you’re not available to stream, whether you’re OOO or nervous about presenting to a live audience. Schedule pre-recorded videos on the dashboard in advance, just select the video and pick a date, time and frequency. Videolinq powerful video streaming application

You can allow 24/7 streaming, support delayed time-zone broadcasts, and simulate recorded file livestreams. On the well-deserved tropical holiday in backyard,  now be able to interact with viewers while enjoying an adult lemonade.

Get lifetime access today!

Widening your scope is the secret to increasing your audience. (Promising free tacos certainly doesn’t hurt.) So, when you could be everywhere at once, why restrict yourself to one livestream? With Videolinq, multiply streams and viewers.

Plans and Functionalities-

  • Access to Videolinq Pro Plan in a lifetime
  • Within 60 days after purchase, you must redeem code(s)
  • All future updates to the Pro Plan
  • Stack up to three codes
  • Compliant with GDPR (partner verified)
  • Just for new users of Videolinq who do not have current accounts
  • Exclusive: additional CDN use fee of 0.18¢ per GB
  • No matter the cause, the 60-day money-back guaranted

Features of All Proposals Included-

  • Connect to custom destinations via RTMP
  • Live monetization of streaming
  • Analytics for data
  • Scheduler for automating the broadcasting of live and recorded
  • Schedulers
  • Streaming adaptive (double output data transfer)
  • Standard support, standard support
  • Insert advertisements to monetize the live stream and the recorded stream (player only)

Here are some highlights that illustrate what Videolinq is suitable for:

  • Growing your brand and online presence to multiple destinations via live streaming.
  • Influencers who would like to be able to stream live via laptop or phones.
  • Manufacturing and event managers who need to broadcast activities.
  • Organizations who need to prepare deferred broadcasts.
  • A business that wants to monetize live or stored sources.
  • Anyone who wants to embed a video player on their website or blog.

What We do?


  1. Multistreaming processes-

    Live streaming of 1080p HD quality content from one source to several social media networks and streaming service providers with just a few clicks.

  2. Closed with Captioning-

    Insert closed captioning in real-time for live video and distribute to approved social media, video sites, and other CDNs

  3. Schedulers-

    Develop stream automation for network cameras, delayed time zone transmissions and a set of hands-free video encoders

  4. Wizard to Player-

    Develop HTML5 players, point to any network for content delivery, Monetize and create limitless embed code for streams!


  • With RossSivertsen-

Roadmap still seems to be fantastic and sure they’d be able to come up with fresh and innovative features to out-beat their competition. When I had concerns about getting things set up for the first time, their support was very sensitive and helpful. Their billing and analytics platform help explain my use in a simple and succinct way. With the media manager, setting up livestreams is really easy, and branding the player is a Big plus for me. Really, having Videolinq is a no-brainer… must hop on Videolinq if you do Some form of live streaming to reach audience. Easy to use but requires some basic understanding (there is a video tutorial of course).

  • With Dianapulicken Dianapulicken-

In current needs, this product is a solution for a lot of problems. A blessing in disguise for live streaming on various platforms (The Appsumo Deal). Recommends to someone who does not want to pay a strong monthly price and has an intuitive life network! Videolinq powerful video streaming application

  • With Zanito-

Videolinq multistreams from OBS to various destinations within common virtual event channels, such as social networks or video players. It is simple and fast to monitor where the Videolinq dashboard ends up with our livestream. Even when streaming to a single destination, many people have recently started routing all our livestreams through Videolinq because of how simple and easy it is to monitor what goes where.

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