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Detailed documentation of your entire site is also available because they keep a detailed history of any mistakes found on your site, as well as any improvements you made to your site when registering it as a project in Labrika, in an easy-to-read report. They also have an advanced rank checker that will automatically locate all the landing pages on which a keyword ranks and then arrange them. Interactive Content Optimizer provides you with easy to action content recommendations based on the top competitors content ranking for keywords.

Get access for a lifetime today!

  • All-in-one SEO tool based on AI that does everything you need it to do.
  • Factors built directly into our algorithm include more than 200+ critical search engine rankings.
  • Software that just works is highly actionable and easy to use.
  • Good for: owners of businesses, agencies, and freelancers.

Because of you accordingly. You can schedule automated rank testing, or have Labrika check your ranks manually as much as you like. There are also white-label printable reports online, and all reports are shareable.
Start rising your traffic all in one SEO tool with Labrika’s. Interactive Content Optimizer.

Labrika offers

instructions, significance and definition. Make the web resource a top result without excessive labor costs on search engines and have the optimization suggestions ready – it does not require certification. In one study, on one website, using only our platform, we make big data easy to understand and highly actionable. To use our method, you do not need to be an expert SEO – We ensure that it is simple for all to use and provide a description of each function through tooltips.

Interactive Content Optimizer

Give AppSumo-
Terms of Deals

  • Access for a lifetime to Labrika.
  • Your code must be redempted within 60 days of purchase.
  • All future changes to the strategy.
  • Please note: This contract cannot be stacked.
  • 60-day cash back guarantee, regardless of the cause,
  • 500/month Keyword Rankings.
  • 10,000 credits/month for web crawling.
  • Websites that are unrestricted.
  • Optimizer of Interactive AI based content writing.
  • Recommendations for SEO content based on LSI, TF-IDF, keyword placement, keyword density, and other important factors for content ranking.
  • Technical SEO Audit & Website auditor with rating factors of over 180+
  • Automatically and / or manually scan keyword search rankings (more than 100,000 different combinations of countries & locations)
    Clustering and synchronizing keywords automatically and their related landing pages
  • User behaviour metrics track (you can sync your Google Analytics)
  • 100+ white-label printable reports
  • Cloaking Checker SEO (hidden malware links)
  • Check the social ties, snippets and page features of rivals that likely to need to rate for the same keywords.
  • HTML history of each of landing pages selected
  • Verify the visibility and indexability of websites in different countries
  • Check that server does not block the most popular search engine user agents.
  • Detailed reporting of mistakes. Any error pages will provide examples of the error and where to fix it.
  • Duplicate and related checker for page.
  • Keyword checker stuffing.
  • FREE plagiarism, swear word checker, and adult material.
  • For all of landing pages, Bulk W3C Validator

Interactive Content Optimizer

with Hyzhenry hyzhenry-

It’s all fantastic. 3 Codes Stacked. Very straightforward to use. Entirely featured. And to see where I fall short on page seo, it produces a strong overview report. It’s a good tool for off page seo reports to supplement ahrefs. I assume, however, that the content checker tools could be standalone. At the moment, they are only available when the web is crawled and only whatever is on your site is tested. This makes labrika really stiff as it can only be a seo checker on page. If plagiarism and keyword density checker are standalone, before uploading them, we can use it to run through our guest articles.Interactive Content Optimizer.

Hope you guys in the future have it on your road map. Finally, I think it is possible to increase the font sizes slightly in the menu section. And when doing content editing, getting a distraction free mode. It will help a lot with editing. Particularly if the content editor is a popup window while still having the title field, etc., there is a little too much details, which shrinks the editor field even lower.

with jati-

Difficult to beat for this price I went to Labrika’s website to use the free trial prior to getting this contract. I recommend it to do. It gives the instrument a clear idea of what it can do. Compared to Labrika’s standard pricing and what’s normal in the industry, the AppSumo deal is an amazing bid. For a while, I’ve been searching for something like this, but anything useful seems to be incredibly costly. Labrika gives me a lot of valuable insights about my website’s technical issues and potential changes to my content. For the latter, the similarities to rivals

It’s very helpful and general guidelines are given. With their intention to add more languages, I hope they can follow through. My site is in German and some information is not available or incorrect right now (e.g. it detects “keyword stuffing”, because it does not recognize articles and other common words in German as such).

with Larissa Larissa-

Comprehensive checking of internal sites .The panel is a little clunky, but it gets the job done. I like the feedback. I have added feedback on your plans for Trello (love your groups ideas btw)
The key things that I’d love to see are:
– Instrument for keyword analysis / opportunities
– Checker for Backlink
– Checking the domain name for level, DA, etc. of Alexa
– On the rank checker, if you can show whether the rank has gone up or down,

Use Google Analytics to link Labrika to-

With ease, you can link your Google Analytics to Labrika. All you have to do is allow Labrika to access your Google Analytics account with permission and your traffic details will appear directly on your Labrika dashboard. This means that the changes made via Labrika recommendations can be easily monitored and how they enhance your rankings.

Track changes to your SEO-

See a full history of all the mistakes and updates you have made to your web. We ensure that any updates you have made to enhance your site are stored in a comprehensive history so that you can track your progress for an infinite period of time. Both historical and current charts are exportable in the format of a PNG file. If you have an SEO company, you can give these to your customers and


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